Welcome! The Inner Critic is the part of you that judges you, demeans you, and tells you who you should be. It undermines your self‑confidence and makes you feel bad about yourself.

This site contains (1) an Inner Critic questionnaire and (2) a profile program.


We have identified seven types of Critics with different motivations and strategies for controlling you. The questionnaire will help determine which of the seven types of Critics may be a problem for you.

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The profile program allows you to profile one of your Inner Critic parts – how it attacks you, what it looks like, what situations tend to trigger this part, and what motivates it to judge you. You come away with a clear understanding of this part that you can use to become more aware of it in your life and to work with it.

Once you have profiled an Inner Critic, then you can begin to shape your Inner Champion to help you with the impact of this Critic. You create a profile of what nurturing and encouraging messages your Inner Champion gives you and what it looks like. This will help you evoke your Inner Champion to support you in your life.

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